Safety Isolation Transformers

In vehicle mounted isolating Transformers available in 110v, 230v, Step Up, Step Down and Dual Voltage Input

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  • Enables complete compliance with BS 7671
  • Available in various voltages (see table below)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • High quality components
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Low Maintenance
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Full CE and UKCA approval

Technical specifications

ModelVoltageAmpsTransformer SizeWarrantyKGLxWxH
LUD-119-110-10110V to 110V10A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-110-16 110V to 110V16A1750VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-110-20110V to 110V20A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-110-32110V to 110V32A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
LUD-119-230-5230V to 230V5A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-230-10230V to 230V10A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-230-16230V to 230V16A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
LUD-119-110230-5110V to 230V5A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-110230-8110V to 230V8A1750VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-110230-10 110V to 230V10A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-110230-16110V to 230V16A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
LUD-119-230110-10230V to 110V10A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-230110-16230V to 110V16A1750VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-230110-20230V to 110V20A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-230110-32230V to 110V32A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
LUD-119-DV110-10110V or 230V to 110V10A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-DV110-16110V or 230V to 110V16A1750VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-DV110-20110V or 230V to 110V20A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-DV110-32110V or 230V to 110V32A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
LUD-119-DV230-5110V or 230V to 230V5A1250VA5 Years8.0289x200x107
LUD-119-DV230-8110V or 230V to 230V8A1750VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-DV230-10110V or 230V to 230V10A2300VA5 Years15.0331x240x133
LUD-119-DV230-16110V or 230V to 230V16A3600VA5 Years28.0365x280x145
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