Charge Divider 2L

by far the most popular Split Charge system we manufacture.




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  • Automatic Jump Start—Should the main battery be more discharged than the auxiliary battery, the unit will sense this and will perform an automatic Jump Start function, this removes the need for a battery parallel switch on the dash.Further reducing installation time, this can be de-selected if not required.
  • Over-Voltage protection to help protect sensitive electronics connected to the auxiliary battery from high voltages that can be seen on modern Alternators
  • Intelligent ECU controlled Alternators, by using specific settings that are more suitable for modern alternators, prevents premature disconnection when the alternator goes into lower voltage running.
  • Fitted in a compact and robust powder coated case, making install much quicker and ideal for limited space applications.

All units feature our CANpower Technology, this enables changes to be made to the Voltages, Sampling times, Over-Voltage settings or Jump Start time without removing the unit or messing about with trim pots.

This quick and simple method just requires our optional Interface unit and Free to download software


*requires optional interface
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Available in 12V & 24V versions
  • Compact
  • Designed and built in Great Britain
  • Extremely reliable
  • Expandable modular design
  • Settings can be changed in-situ
  • Simple to install
  • Correctly E marked

Technical specifications

ModelVoltageAux. BanksCurrentAdj. Settings*WarrantyWeight (KG)WxDxH (mm)
LUD-2022-1212V1200AYes5 Years0.7090x65x105
LUD-2022-2424V1200AYes5 Years0.7090x65x105
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