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Our unique battery management units reliably manage vehicle battery power to maximise battery life and prevent your vehicle being disabled by flat batteries. Simple to install and featuring our unique CANpower technology allows changes to be made quickly and easily in-situ; fully compliant with vehicle wiring regs.

Units can work independently or daisychained together to perform many battery management and electronic switching functions.


All with 5 year Warranty.

Intelligent Split Charge
Our range of advanced digital Split Charge units are activated by rising voltage. Specific settings for vehicles with ECU controlled/Smart Alternators
Automatic Battery Isolator
British designed and manufactured Automatic Battery Isolator, to prevent equipment from over discharging the battery
Load Shedders
Load Shedders are used to turn off loads before the battery becomes over discharged. Essential where parasitic loads require managing
Time Delay Relays
Time Delay units can be utilised to time delay equipment off, on or both.
Quick and simple to install.

Under-Voltage Detectors
Under-Voltage Detector is used to warn of a discharging battery. Optional units send SMS-Text message to warn of discharging battery.
Charge and Protect
Intelligent Split Charge combined with Automatic Auxiliary Battery Protector. Features Over Voltage protection and Automatic Emergency Start.
Tail Lift Battery Isolator
Protects vehicle battery from being over-discharged by Tail Lift use.
Software for CANpower
Download our free software to customise your CANpower devices.
General Battery Management and Switching
Automatic Power Transfer switches and DC-DC Converters.
Accessories for 12V and 24V systems

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