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Auto Safe B3

No-Load Dropout Switch With Integral RCD And Circuit Breaker

  • Safe unattended mains charging lines
  • Cannot re-latch unless connected to vehicle
  • Very easy to install
  • Operates over a wide current scale
  • Fully automatic double-pole power dropout
  • Integral RCD and Circuit Breaker
  • Rugged IP67 Casing
  • Dual Voltage 110V and 230V

The Auto Safe B3 No-Load Dropout Switch is a safety device designed to protect against electric shock from mains shore lines when not in use and unattended. Intended for use with the Auto-Eject and Eurochargers, the Auto-Safe makes the mains line go double-pole dead immediately upon ejection/disconnection from the vehicle. The Auto-Safe cannot be re-set until the mains line is re-connected to the vehicle.

It has been developed particularly for emergency and standby vehicle and marine situations where mains shore lines may be left unattended. The Auto Safe B3 with integral RCD & Circuit Breaker removes the necessity to install these extra items separately. The model shown includes an optional IP67 BS4343 socket.

The Auto-Safe B3 incorporates an internal 110V/230V selector switch so the unit can be used for both 110V and 230V installations.



  • Operating Voltage: 115V or 230V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Current: 16A or 32A options
  • Weight: 1.72kg

Please note that the Auto-Safe B3 is not a transformer. These are available separately.

Name   Code
Operating Voltage 110V or 230V Output Current 16A 091-129B3-16
Operating Voltage 110V or 230V Output Current 32A 091-129B3-32
Remote Activation Switch 091-129B3-REMSW
Additional IP67 Outlet Socket 091-129B3S-xxx-xx
AutoSafe Testing Unit 092-111-xxx-xx

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